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Follow Friday


Each Friday I’m  going to alternate between follow Friday and Favourites Friday, This Friday another blogger made my day, I was searching through some lovely photography when I came across something that really jumped out at me, a subtle yet stunning black and white fushia photo taken by the fantastic people over at Derwent Valle Photography when I seen the photo I loved it, but suggested (rather cheekily that a touch of colour on the flowers would look great – to which they replied they would give it a go and posted this morning the most beautiful photo I have seen today (and I follow some great photography blogs – my secret love) and I love it so much it’s inspired me to A – tell you lovely guys about it and B – get my camera out and use it for something other than beauty blogging.

So guys at Derwent Valley photography – I would like to thank you for being so awesome and doing that for me, and inspiring me to get off my lazy butt and go learn some fabulous new photography skills

PS – the image is the actual colour adjusted image from derwent valley photography – it means a lot to me to give credit where its due 🙂