Fitness Motivation

Todays post is on fitness motivation, I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to fitness, I have days when I really can’t be bothered, it’s human however this post (as much for myself as well as you guys reading it) is (hopefully) going to be full off handy helpful tips

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Facebook Love all around

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Make up revolution eyeshadows and conceal palettes

Where to start, well I went a little crazy when I picked out the palettes I wanted but I didn’t want to waste time picking of the very skeleton of the ones I wanted when I knew I would regret not buying all of them, they are all so beautiful after all so that’s what happened.

As you can see they are mostly neutrals based shades plus a concealer palette.


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You Beauty Discovery box – July 2014

A brief introduction -the you beauty discovery box is a monthly subscription box that gets delivered each month to your door – or in my case my local post office. inside are a variety of items ranging from perfume samples to make up and skin care or hair care. usually very good and reasonably priced too at £6.95 it is definitely one of the cheapest if not cheapest box out there and the RRP total of them items in the box always top what you paid for it, and to boot post an packaging is already included not separate.DSC_0030

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ELF Haul

I will try to keep this short and sweet and cut to the chase, ELF  or is a discount brand, not to say they’re cheap quality but their prices are cheap and their product’s are definitely worth more tan they sell them for. as far as I know they are an online brand, but definitely worth signing up to the emailing list of as when they have 50% off a lipstick can go from £2.00 to £1.00 and they are amazing quality as well as value even at full price.

I rarely order anything at full price and just await the email patiently.

so onto what I received in my latest order, I ordered a little bit of a mix of products.





DSC_0008 DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0015 DSC_0016

so firstly, I apologise for the image quality I am still getting used to my new camera setting and have yet to find a tripod which supports it and the lighting was dark.

Here is a list an first impressions of what I ordered

Blushes – blushing rose and twinkle pink, both are very pink in shade as their names suggest, bushing pink is definitely the darker of the two with twinkle pink have a peachy colouring to it. both are from the studio line costing £3.95 at full price

studio single eye shadows – saddle and coffee bean. I am a lover of brown eye shadows and have quite the collection already but when these were half price it was too hard too pass up on once again at full price they are £3.95. now my only gripe with them is they have numbers not their names on the back which is a bit of a pain in the backside when I come to review them later on and have lost the boxes…..note to self – stick labels on the back, its silly because the blushes have the names on the backs.

eyebrow kit – I got this in the second darkest shade, and it seems to have caused quite a lot of bloggers to recommend it, it has a gel on one side and powder on the other – I couldn’t tell which is which because they were so soft and pigmented, but it’s actually the gel on the right it says on the box. definitely worth picking up even at full price I would ay even just to try as it is only £3.95 which is way cheaper than high street alternatives.

High definition powder – I already have one of these and got it again. Its in translucent and I plan on de-potting it into the other tub because despite it being an amazing product – it really is light as a feather and a proper loose powder, which doesn’t cake (don’t recommend dropping it open or you’ve had it) it doesn’t last long – by this I don’t mean on your face, but the product gets used up quickly its so good. at £6.95 its one of the pricer items but definitely worth picking up when they have a big sale which is usually every 2-3 months.

mineral lipstick in natural nympth, – this is another highly recommended product, I see it often in blogs saying how it is just fantastic for a nude colour and is great etc etc. I tried this on my lips and needless to say I cant wear it at all, I don recommend this if you have tanned skin at all as it drains all the colour out of your lips, nude is nude not poorly looking….that aside it is moisturising and the packaging is pretty, priced at £5.00 I recommend a lot of the other colours in that range however, especially the lighter natural pinks

brush pot – last but not least I don’t actually use these for brushes but I keep them in drawers where I stand up my mascaras or eyeliners of lipglosses in and due to the shape they fit together nicely without the annoying diamond shapes that are left if you use round pots – which I am slowly replacing with these because they do look very smart.

that I believe is everything 🙂 hope you enjoyed it and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought x



Make up organisation overhaul

I recently decided I needed a new organisation method and having researched so many great ideas (I say researched I don’t know about you but I just love a good nosey), and despite my previously used  and loved muji drawers, I felt I needed something drastically different and to keep my bedroom minimalist looking I decided to change the muji drawers to a set of drawers from Ikea from the malcam range , I didn’t go for the Alex drawer set because they don’t stock them where I live, so perhaps in the future that may be a possibility. However all of my cosmetics from make up through to skin care, hair care and body/bath are now all conveniently tucked away neatly. You can see my previous organisation methods of a different post here.

Hope you like it 🙂

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