Nail Polish tracking project

Okay if you’re anything like me and have lots of nail polish, and you always end up buying either the same or similar colours but at the time are convinced you don’t own this amazing colour, then this may be a project for you as it really does help me keep track of what I do and don’t have.


Okay so lets begin I got the key-ring tags from Ebay and they weren’t very much at all and the seller was fantastic so unless you’re in the USA where these are seemingly much more readily available then this is your best port of call – here – at £4.99 for 50 you cant go wrong really. Whatever you do, get them in white or your nail polish won’t look the way it should on them.  Besides this you need a length of ribbon, a pen and that’s you set. I added a key-ring to but that’s optional.

so here we go,

 Step one

Take apart the bits, this is how is should look, pretty straight foreword.


 Step two

Write the nail of the polish and then the shade name or number on the white card, and slip that back into it, leaving the ring off it.


 Step Three

Pretty easy, paint them, you may require two coats, and if you do, I recommend setting these aside and making a mental note – put the number two on the white card so you know it takes two coats – then when it comes to finding the perfect colour but you’re in a hurry you’ll know not to bother with that one.


 Step Four 

Fairly easy, leave them to dry, I personally left mine over night – I needed to go to the shop for ribbon anyway and had to wait until the next day but at least you know for certain they will be perfectly dry.


Step Five 

Slip the all onto the ribbon, this bit might seem easy but if you have a ouch of OCD I had to do this three times to make sure they were all in A) the order I wanted – colour through shades rather than make just because it’s easier to see if you have a similar colour in another make, and B) it just looks better if the writing is all the same way up and all facing the same way.



Okay and that is that done.  – I double knotted my ribbon so it wouldn’t come loose in my bag.


5 thoughts on “Nail Polish tracking project

    1. A Touch of British Sparkle Post author

      Thank you chick, I come up with it after getting absolutely pig sick of buying pretty much identical shades time after time (I actually own 2 of several shades -must have really liked them…) xx

    1. A Touch of British Sparkle Post author

      Thank you hun, i have lots of polish and this has really helped combat the same colour-ness of my collection (mostly pinks and purples) xx


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