Maybelline Masterpeice Eyeliner Felt – Black – Review

Maybelline Master Piece eyeliner Felt in Black

This without a doubt is my failsafe eyeliner whenever I can’t be bothered It is very very exceptionally rare I’ve messed up with this eyeliner (so rare I can’t ever remember doing so) and it always goes on perfectly.



At first I hated any liquid eyeliner, then I tried this one and I absolutely adore it, it’s changed the way my eyeliner looks (going from previously big and just a tad scary to sleek, subtle and feminine.

I have had this eyeliner for quite some time now and I’m probably due to buy a new one at some point soon however I can’t decide if i should get another one of these or somethign different, not because I’m bored just because I like to try new things…probably be both if I’m honest.

Onto the product itself
The packaging is very durable its been through bag trips, night away from home and several make up storage over hauls as well as the various methods of every day storage I have used over the time I have had it.

The product itself is easy to use, fairly well pigmented, it stays put and doesn’t budge, I hardly have to full in any creases and once its dry which usually takes 3-5 seconds tops it stays put all day long, it usually out lives all the other make up on my face. Although it doesn’t claim to be waterproof I have been swimming in the sea with it on and it has stayed put there too so happy days.


I have to say as well, the nib is surprisingly flexible but not in the way that would make you smudge your eyeliner, it isn’t hard but I wouldn’t say its ultra soft, I think they’ve got it just right on this one. I don’t feel it glide across and I get perfect lines every time.


Over all it lives up to its name, it is a bit of a masterpiece well done maybelline!


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