Cheeky Ebay eyeliner – First Impressions


These were a bit of a cheeky steal from Ebay, I got all of these for £2.56 here 


They came over from China and arrived very quickly, they are all glittered colours which if I’m honest I wasn’t impressed at first when I looked at them, I figured for the price they might have been a bit naff and I might have gotten one or two decent ones, I was fairly wrong all of the colours are really nice, some of them more subtle than others and my only disappointment is that I wish there were more browns (darker) or purples (maybe a mid tone between the two provided) rather than 4 greens, maybe just two greens would have been fine but for the price I can’t complain.

The amount of product you get too is very surprising, I didn’t expect them to be so big I had to lie them diagonally in my Ikea MALM drawers, they are very very long pencils and standard pencil width too.
So onto the colours (these are swatch reviewed only, I cant comment on longevity just yet until I have tried them so this is a quick first impressions)

My absolute favourite in the swatches that stood out to me when I applied it and again when I checked through my photos is the white one, it reminds me of glittery snow and as a result I fell in love with this shade.
Next I would have to say is the turquoise-y type colour the 5th one along, I’m very into turquise at the moment but don’t like going OTT with it as it is a very vibrant colour, so I think a simple line of these against a plain cream would look lovely 🙂
All colours swatched well however I did have to go over the pink, lilac and moss green colour a couple of times to build up enough intensity, I would say these shades are the most subtle of them all when applied in a single layer.
Over all I am very pleased with these and looking foreword to trying them out with various looks for random occasions 🙂


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