Sunday Morning Sleep with my Cuties

Okay these little animals truly make my day everyday. I have another one but she was out busy keeping the local lizard population down and that is my cat Pancake, mother of my lovely and very (normally) lively kittens. So she will feature in a future post. 


This is my little dog Alfie (nickname – Doodles) he’s cute playful and infinitely cheeky but once I get him to focus (and with a little help from tasty treats) he picks up tricks super fast, I taught him 8 tricks in under 2 weeks. He is what we called a Cyprus special, adopted from the local flea market for free where I found him shivering cold in a box with cold greasy chips and in a puddle of pee and a pee soaked blanket, One looks at that cute face told me I would be leaving with this adorable mutt. 







These are the endlessly naughty ultra playful kittens, sleeping from their morning activities of jumping around clawing each other and chasing flies in the garden. 


We have Bella, the black one, the most weary of them all, she tends to sit back more and watch before acting, very relaxed.

The fluffier and bigger out of the ginger kittens with the plain collar on is Sammy – shes super cute and was the middle kitten born of those that survived birth (we lost one that wasn’t ready to be born an hour after she was born) Sammy is the least active of them all preferring to stick by her mum but I dare say the smartest with her weening off milk and moving onto cat food and litter training the fastest. 

Last but not least with the black pattern collar is Sabrina (the witch) she is by far the naughtiest and most inquisitive cat of all three, she gets into everything everywhere and if youre silly enough to have bare feet and wiggle your toes she will try to catch and kill. she might be small but those claws are razor sharp, she is very funny however


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