Revlon – Lash Potion

I picked this up as a spur of the moment – the one where you adore the packaging, have done little to no research – in my case non at all. I picked mine up from boots for £7.99 (I got a £2 off offer when it first came out)

lash potion revlon_edited

Okay so as you can see from the brush its pretty basic standard brush, nothing special.

The product I found didn’t clump at all, bonus points.

The results – well it didn’t give me volume or length really, I like big huge eyelashes, mine are long so I like volume adding mascaras that add a tiny bit of length, if you want that this isn’t really for you, however it provides great color and with its non clumping allows for either a natural finish or a great base for putting another mascara on top of it – which is how I use it.

I’ve used this everyday for maybe a month and I have to say – although my lashes are very long – so I didn’t really need a growth potion type of mascara I have found they fall out much less often than previously so I take this as it must be doing something.

I do like this and if oyu want a base or natural looking mascara I would recommend it, plus the packaging is gorgeousssss


7 thoughts on “Revlon – Lash Potion

    1. A Touch of British Sparkle Post author

      Thank you hun 🙂 Just really starting to find my feet with putting a lil bit of myself into each post – they used to be quite clinical on my old blog) xx

      1. A Touch of British Sparkle Post author

        thank you so much 😀 was a bit worried it was still clinical, feels good to know its getting there! need to rewrite some of my old reviews because my thoughts on the products are still the same just the way its wrote is a bit boring 😉

    1. A Touch of British Sparkle Post author

      Thank you, Im the same, I love huge big lush lashes, I like to use this as a base though as on its own it isn’t enough but for a natural look it would be fine alone xx


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