Fitness Motivation

Todays post is on fitness motivation, I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to fitness, I have days when I really can’t be bothered, it’s human however this post (as much for myself as well as you guys reading it) is (hopefully) going to be full off handy helpful tips

1. Organisation  – Your Kit

sort your kit out the night before, I’m usually up very earlier for work and definitely don’t have time to gym or pack before work, so packing and preparing the night before is definitely useful for me, if I get in from work and find my kits all ready to go then so am I, and you’ve got no excuses not too or procrastinate, just grab it and go.

2. Get started 

even if you’re just going to the gym or if you are going for a run, if you dont feel like it but have an hours run or work out planned then get started and just intend to do 5-10 minutes (it does add up all and count) if you feel good after those 5-10 minutes do another 5-10 minutes, and continue that way, I like to break my work outs down into little sections.


3. Have a reasonable goal

my ultimate goal is to be ready to join the military, so for me this is quite important to me, so I use this as my inspiration to do those extra 5, 10, 15 minutes working out. I won’t like it’s hard but setting little intermediate goals along the way seriously helps. I don’t for one minute think I could do everything asked of me through the training they put you through, so as it stands I am setting myself micro goals to work towards that bigger goal, if I have to lift 40 KG, then this week I might lift 20 KG, working up through the week to 30 slowly and continuing the next week.

4. Create a Plan

This follows on from the reasonable goal tip, It can really help motivate you if you set a plan, both long and short term.  I’m not ultra strict with mine (probably should be) but as long as I achieve my goal of the week in the areas then great. So set up a excel spread sheet, stick that piece of paper on the wall. I want to run a mile and a half in 12 minutes (very long term goal) so having runs 3-4 times a week on certain days is on my list (alternating days) doing sit ups every other day and press ups on those days in between my runs are on there. For example

week plan example

july plan

That’s my plan I’m trying to get army fit so as my weeks progress I will be adding to this to make it more challenging, adding distance, decreasing time and breaks on a run, increasing weight or how many sit ups and press ups I do during my work outs – but the key is really sticking to it when you cant be bothered – its hard but if you want something you’ve never had before – you need to do something you’ve never done before.

5. Rest days

these are important, you need to give your body chance to catch up and repair the muscles you used through the week, you might ache but that pain equates to a better body and sometimes pain is beauty (like plucking your eyebrows – it hurts but the end result is worth it)

6. Work out buddies

My usual work out buddy is my husband and he really pushes me but as long as you have arranged with another person to do something you are way more likely to do it so you don’t let that person down and in turn yourself. Motivate each other even when neither of you can be bothered.  That aside sometimes my only “me” time is at the gym where I tend to reflect and relax into my own little world, so make whichever work for you.


7. Switch up your exercises

Are you bored of your routine? then switch it up, join a new and exciting class, spinning, zumba, swimming? joining a new class makes you meet new people and whist you can sill work out with your old buddies doing the same things you used to, you can do these new things with your new buddies so win win on the exercise front.

8. Still not motivated? – quotes and routines

One of my favourite motivations is to type into Google images, fitness motivation and read all the quote on there. It might sound daft but this really works for me, as does looking for fitness routines on YouTube to try.

google screenshot

9. Don’t watch the scales watch for changes in you. 

I’ve seen countless quotes saying for you to notice a difference in yourself it takes 4 weeks, for friends to notice its 6 weeks, for the rest of the world to notice its 8 weeks, I have to admit this is true. I worked my butt of for a few weeks but wasn’t noticing a difference, this is because your body needs to adjust from being in fat storing to fat burning mode on a regular basis, give it 4 weeks and if by the end you don’t see a difference in what you’re wanting to see (for me I wanted to see my run time go down and my sit up/press up count to go up – I charted this,) for some its weight, – don’t be obsessed with those scales! if you have to track it somehow then use a tape measure but remember, muscle weighs more than fat, and once all that fats gone its turning into muscle, you might put on a few pounds but by then you will see a serious change in everything about yourself.

10. Your diet is just as important as your workout

I ran and did gym loads when I first started out but my diet was poor so my body didn’t really feel the results, eventually I cut down on bread and sugar drinks and all that rubbish and swapped to making my own meals in advance from fresh veg. I cut down my carbs choosing to consume 1.6th of a plate of carbs and the rest being lean low fat meats and fresh veg and my body thanked me for it because it was finally getting the nourishment it needed to process the endless work outs, and after I made these swaps I really started to feel the difference both during and outside of a workout.


Remember for both work outs and life – you only get out what you put in. put in crap and that’s what you’ll get out of it. Give it your best and the best (effort and foods) and you will see seriously good results much faster 🙂


Hope these tips helped you, and I myself will be looking back on them on those days when I can’t be bothered.




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