You Beauty Discovery box – July 2014

A brief introduction -the you beauty discovery box is a monthly subscription box that gets delivered each month to your door – or in my case my local post office. inside are a variety of items ranging from perfume samples to make up and skin care or hair care. usually very good and reasonably priced too at £6.95 it is definitely one of the cheapest if not cheapest box out there and the RRP total of them items in the box always top what you paid for it, and to boot post an packaging is already included not separate.DSC_0030

well well well what can I say, for the most part I was highly disappointed in this beauty box this month, with the only product that I was really happy with being a mascara – which to be fair I horde a lot of mascaras as  I love the different effects each one brings.

so lets see what came in it.

DSC_0032  DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 DSC_0038

I got a mini sample of a skincare product, I am a little weary of it though as just squidging the packet tells me this is going to be a bit to thick for my skin but we will see.

the next thing is a shaving cream, I wasn’t best pleased about getting this if I am honest so I’ve given it to my husband to try out when he goes away as it is travel sized.

As usual I got a perfume sample, it does smell nice enough and I love getting them so it isn’t a complaint. I do love trying new smells without having to commit to a large bottle.

next I a soap – it smells like lavender heavily – sadly I hate lavender so this will be gifted to somebody who does and maybe they can tell me what its like as lavender gives me a headache.

and finally the only thing that really excited me was the miss manga mascara by lo’real, I’m quite heavily into lo’real at the moment with almost all of my daily skin care being by them, and will be appearing when I put my favourites of the month up without a doubt, the and is flexible and I will be trying this out in the morning for sure.

over all I wasn’t very pleased with this box but value wise I got a good deal because the mascara alone is worth more than the box so I guess I could see the rest of it as freebees given I was looking into purchasing the mascara anyway.




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