Make up organisation overhaul

I recently decided I needed a new organisation method and having researched so many great ideas (I say researched I don’t know about you but I just love a good nosey), and despite my previously used  and loved muji drawers, I felt I needed something drastically different and to keep my bedroom minimalist looking I decided to change the muji drawers to a set of drawers from Ikea from the malcam range , I didn’t go for the Alex drawer set because they don’t stock them where I live, so perhaps in the future that may be a possibility. However all of my cosmetics from make up through to skin care, hair care and body/bath are now all conveniently tucked away neatly. You can see my previous organisation methods of a different post here.

Hope you like it 🙂

The over all set up – I know it doesnt all match but we cant change the desk as it belongs to our house, but the drawers will be coming with me when we move 🙂



So lets begin, firstly I like to keep the top of my drawers semi-minimalist – I keep all of my perfumes on a simple glass cake stand which is slightly mottled. the bottles are so pretty it would be a shame to hide them away.



Next I keep all of my samples in a glass fish bowl, it doesn’t look great but it keeps them all in one place and reminds me to try something new because you will never know if you love something unless you try it.



top left hand drawer – nails – originally these were all on a acrylic display stand but due to my collection growing they no longer fitted, and it didn’t fit on some bottle shapes anyway – such as OPI which irked me a little so I have placed them all in this drawer with little stickers on top painted in the colours in the bottles so I can easily see what shade they are.

In the little divider there are everything from finger dividers through to creams lotions potion and cuticle oils, the little key fobs are something I use when I want to go shopping and don’t want to buy the exact same shade by a different brand, a post on that is coming up shortly however.




Sadly the shadows didn’t play ball with this photo even with my flash on – however in the darker lower corner in ELF make up brush pots, which fit together perfectly in these drawers are my mascaras and eyeliners and eye crayons, each organised in separate drawers accordingly, I found the easiest way to store my loose eye shadows was in a flat bottomed cutlery organizer I picked up in a charity shop – not glamorous but cheap and it works great.

In the little square white box is other loose bits and bobs that didn’t fit anywhere else, I don’t use those very often anyway so I’m not too worried. The eyeliners in that though don’t fit into the pen pots properly as they are too tall and I cant close to drawer so they just got plonked in there.




If I wasn’t such an eyeliner mascara addict this would be my favourite drawer I think….

Okay I won’t sit and label them all because mostly it’s pretty clear what it is, except for the concealers below (right) – the dividers are also from Ikea and I believe they were 7 euros for 6 in various sizes, very useful I felt. I kept my lipsticks in the same acrylic organizer they were in previously because it’s just so much easier to see them, however I will very soon be in need of another of these….







This next drawer is a mixture of skincare, preparations such as primer etc and various Face powders – blushers, bronzers, setting powders, highlights and such. With the exception of some eyelashes -I very rarely use these, finding it too much of a hassle when I have extremely long natural lashes – but they come in either subscription boxes or as free gifts so I kept them,

DSC_0291DSC_0294 DSC_0293

DSC_0292Okay so this isn’t that neat, it’s kind of higgledy piggledy however it’s all one thing, make up removal and toner. pretty straight forward. I keep those in my GHD box which has stunning peacock colours – I just couldn’t bare to part with it….


This next drawer is pretty simple too, I have just inverted the boxes lids and bottoms of my glossy boxes and used them as dividers, and they work really well for this purpose, and just sectioned of various things.

top right – facial deep cleansing – masks, under eye things, scrubs, all that sort of 2-3 times a week things.

bottom left – indulgence bathing – sort of, I love the smell of the imperial lather but I try not to use it too much and keep it as a treat because I do love it, there is also some bits at the back, such as radox and bath salts, which you cant really see to well.

middle rows both top and bottom – shower gel and body lotions, I have just finished one of the red ones, I got 3 because when I smelt the raspberry shower gel by bodyshop I just absolutely knew that was going to be my summer smell and I was right, I rarely finish a shower gel before I am bored of the smell, and I adore this one.

right top – after sun – living in Cyprus we go through a lot of this, so I tend to stock up when I can

bottom right – sun lotions and potions to stop the burn, again we use this daily so it’s important to keep stocked up depending on how hot it is we at least have a choice and some smaller ones for travelling to top ourselves up throughout the day.

to the far left – spare deodorant – I under-estimated how quickly I would go through this stuff when I arrived, but it just disappears, I must re-apply 3 times a day. which I dont’ mind because I love the smell…or maybe I’m just paranoid?



And finally, the bottom drawer is where I keep all my hair products, and my bath bombs, which are slowly dwindling because I havent found any out here, but thats fine I have bubble bat and salts 🙂

And that pretty much concludes the tour of my make up drawers, there isn’t really anything but clothes in the actual dresser and my hair dryer, I keep my straighteners out because I love them too much to put them away – GHD limited edition in peacock blue – I have a thing for peacocks. and I kept some of my Muji drawers just for shotting in the stuff I use daily during the week, on a Sunday all of this goes back into the bigger collection so I can try something different or at least coax myself into using something other than my tried and true.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I have inspired you into organizing. 🙂 or at least given you some cool ideas




2 thoughts on “Make up organisation overhaul

    1. BeautyBargainsUK Post author

      thank you, mine was a bit of a mess before I decided enough was enough, I love organizing it though I always find things I forgot i had ! ❤ I think I could do professional make up cosmetics organizing for a living I love it so much


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